Components of the Evoba Modular Wood System

Evoba’s prefabricated grid components allow for easy installation, similar to a conventional suspension system.

Evoba Components: Panel

Base Panel

Natural wood ceiling panels measure 2’x2’(nominal) and are available in a variety of finishes.


Border Panel

Border Panels consist of a panel base and (4) frame edges that come disassembled. The frame edges can be cut and assembled with the trimmed base panel to achieve a coffered look when the ceiling border panels are less than a full 2’x2′ panel.

Evoba Component: Cross Tee

Cross tee

Cross tees measure 2’ and connect to main beams.

Evoba Components: Main Beam

Main beam

Main beams measure 8’ and connect to wall molding and cross tees.

Evoba Component: Wall Corner

Wall molding & corner medallion

Wall molding measures 8’ and connects to a corner medallion for a finished look.

Evoba Component: Main Connector

Main beam clip

Main beam clips are available for suspension mount and surface mount applications.

For detailed component diagrams view Evoba Dimensional Diagrams pdficon_small